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Gayla Rieter, a most authentic psychic medium from whom I received a reading from in Walnut Creek at the Expo I do readings at, told me a week after Sweetgrass (my beloved dachshund)  'died' that she would come back to me, but I resisted the prospect, until the next day, when Sweetgrass rode on the wings of a dragonfly that flew in my face as I was getting in the car - just as Gayla envisioned she would - to affirm that she would return. It was such an affirming event that I felt compelled to send the following thank you to Gayla:

"Gayla, with your joyful, sprite-like energy behind your powerful, astute insights, visions, and sense of smell - the fact that you could smell the rosy essence of a certain soul surrounding me - it's no wonder so many psychics come to you for validation. Thank you for being so clear, so bright, so light...for the smile on my face every time we speak! Your readings are like a deep sigh of relief coated in warmth and accessibility. Thank you:)"

Jane Broccolo, Animal Communicator


I have been a professional astrologer for more than 35 years, and a Tarot Card reader for 15.  However, since it is always most difficult to accurately judge one's own chart or cards, I have been going to Gayla Reiter for over ten years for my personal readings.  She is a multi-talented reader who is very accurate and informative. Her extensive educational background coupled with incredible life experience and true psychic insight allows her to connect and process guidance at a very profound level.

Also I purchased her Regression CD, which is excellent. It is much better than any other regression CD I have used over the last several years and I use it repeatedly for obtaining additional past life insights/memories.

I highly recommend Gayla to anyone who needs some insight, guidance, feedback on alternative choices/pathways they are facing in life.  Whether from the cards, psychometry, psychic clairvoyance or from a past life experience, Gayla is the best!

Janet Bowman Johnson, PMAFA, Accredited Professional Astrologer (retired) Accredited by American Federation of Astrologers and Professional Astrologers, Inc. (former host of StarTalk Radio and Exploring the Intuitive Arts cable TV show)
Gayla's energy and direction were superb. I think a lot of being able to be regressed has to do with the comfort level in the emotional nakedness of the process.
Having taught college classes, I know how keeping people of varied backgrounds on track is a special talent unto itself, and Gayla's warmth and professionalism was effective and effortless in creating a safe and nurturing place for all of us.
There were 3 regressions, all different, and all revealing different things. In my case, I felt a sense of freedom, afterwards; it explained a lot of the inner workings of my psyche. I would highly recommend this to you and to others.
In a world where we are all judged on a surface level, it was cathartic to cut to another, deeper reality and awareness of being different that our skins. As a changing and developing culture, it is good for us Americans to explore where we all came from, in order to get to the higher level of universal compassion, and this was one way to get there.
I hope I have "scratched your itch" about this subject, and that you will experience it for yourself.
Most sincerely,

My love to you during this time of rapid spiritual growth.

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