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  Sept. 27, 2015
10 AM - 3 PM
Ancient Gardens Wellness Center         1405 Georgia St
Vallejo, Ca
Past Life

On Sept.27, 2015, I will be doing an intensive workshop on
Reincarnation and Past Life Regression at Ancient Gardens Wellness Center.
The class will meet from 10:00 AM until 3:00 PM and will involve at
least two experiential sessions to explore your past incarnations
using hypnotic regression.

The hypnotic process can serve as a powerful catalyst for recognizing
themes or karmic patterns in one's life including relationships, career,
areas of current life difficulty (such as health problems, fears, phobias,
recurrent financial or other loses, etc.). The process can empower
participants to bring subconscious "instincts" or "motivating forces" to
the conscious level where they may be analyzed so that you may
manifest your core intentions.

Reading lists of recommended books on the topic will be distributed
and a discussion of current research in the field will allow participants
to explore a variety of approaches to the subject.

There is often a wonderful synchronicity among the participants in any
given workshop. Often members of the group will journey to a similar
time period or place or reveal parallel issues to others in the group.
The discussion and sharing of experiences following each experiential
process often triggers a deeper response in other participants. In this
safe and supportive atmosphere, learn how deja vu experiences often
indicate the emergence of past life memories. Gain insights to current
issues in your life and learn how exploring your past lives can allow you
to get to the root causes of pain, anger, guilt, fear, sadness, etc in order
to release limiting beliefs and patterns and heal.

Please bring a pillow, blanket/ sleeping bag or mat to utilize in the
experiential sessions as well as a light bag lunch. You may want to also
bring an eye mask (to keep out the light) and be sure to bring a
notebook and pen or pencil. Dress comfortably as most people like to
lay down for the regressions.

You can register by sending a check or money order for $75.00 to me at:
PO Box 2314; Benicia, Ca 94510.  Call me at 707 745-0105 if you have
questions.   Namaste





I am pleased to offer you my Past Life Journey CD. It is a guided past life regression lasting approximately one hour and has background music and Tibetan bowl sounds along with my vocal regression.
Dr. Walter Semkiw, MD and author of "Return of the Revolutionaries" and "Born Again" said: "Gayla Reiter's past life regression CD masterfully guides the seeker into states of consciousness which facilitate the recall of past incarnations. With practice, these states become more easily accessible and the recollection of past lives more vivid. I highly recommend Gayla's CD." Dr. Sunny Satin, Director of the California Hypnosis Institute and Teacher of Regression Therapy in the USA, Europe, South America and Asia indicated: "Like Ganesh, the Hindu God of Wisdom and remover of obstacles, Past Life Regression Therapy can allow subconscious issues/patterns to surface to the conscious level so true healing can occur. This beautiful CD can serve as a powerful tool in that healing process."

You can order one of these CDs by mail
(CD is $17.00; shipping and handling is $3.00)
by sending a check or money order for $20.00  to :

Gayla Reiter
240 Baker Street
Benicia, CA 94510

OR order through Paypal:

My love to you during this time of rapid spiritual growth.
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