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Buy Gayla's Past-Life Regression CD by clicking this button.

I am pleased to offer you my Past Life Journey CD. It is a guided past life regression lasting approximately one hour and has background music and Tibetan bowl sounds along with my vocal regression.

Dr. Walter Semkiw, MD and author of "Return of the Revolutionaries" and "Born Again" said: "Gayla Reiter's past life regression CD masterfully guides the seeker into states of consciousness which facilitate the recall of past incarnations. With practice, these states become more easily accessible and the recollection of past lives more vivid. I highly recommend Gayla's CD." Dr. Sunny Satin, Director of the California Hypnosis Institute and Teacher of Regression Therapy in the USA, Europe, South America and Asia indicated: "Like Ganesh, the Hindu God of Wisdom and remover of obstacles, Past Life Regression Therapy can allow subconscious issues/patterns to surface to the conscious level so true healing can occur. This beautiful CD can serve as a powerful tool in that healing process."

You can order one of these CDs by mail
(CD is $17.00; shipping and handling is $3.00)
by sending a check or money order to :

Gayla Reiter
240 Baker Street
Benicia, CA 94510

You can order one through Paypal by clicking on
the link on the left side of this page.


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My love to you during this time of rapid spiritual growth.

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